A Wi-Fi printer uses low-intensity wireless protocol to access devices that are very close. The simplicity and ease of maintenance are the two strong points of it. There is no need for special configuration or additional hardware or software requirement. Since it is very easy to install, add and pair, many users prefer it over other complex devices.

It is different from a Wi-Fi printer that also works on the wireless connectivity, but it is more powerful than Bluetooth. Devices connecting to the Wi-Fi network should be there within the range of Wi-Fi connectivity. The range is normally 100 meters from the central server. Sometimes, the range is extended by adding repeaters to the network. Wi-Fi printers work within the range of connectivity after adding to the network by making the necessary configuration in the Wi-Fi router.

Some important points to remember about a Wifi printer

  • It works in a limited range (typically 10 meters). As the distance increases, it needs more power. The connecting device may need frequent recharging.
  • In order to print something from a mobile device, it has to be paired first. The handheld device should search for the printer around. Mobile device can select it for printing once it is visible. There is a word of caution. When the device searches the printer, it becomes available and visible to all devices around.
  • It is important to keep the discoverable mode disabled so that the IP address is not visible in the public domain. Remember, once a device gets paired with the printer, the required settings get stored at the other end. The same information is used by hackers or malicious programs to crash the system or send infected files that may harm the system.
  • Since the security of the BlueTooth devices largely depends on proper pairing, experts suggest that the first time pairing shouldn’t be done in an area that is vulnerable for hacking. The authentication code must contain at least eight characters with the alphanumeric combination.
  • Setting encryption on increases the level of security.
  • As per experts, it is essential to keep the firmware of the mobile devices updated for good speed and efficiency of printing.

A Wifi printer is ideal for those who want to share a common printer without getting into the hassles of configuring complex wireless or wired network. It is simple, handy and fast. If the devices are within the range of 10 meters, it works fantastically. There are various makes and models available in the market