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TRACKER TAB is an Android tablet based POS /Billing machine that leverages the Tablet and Android platforms to provide high end features at affordable cost. It is equipped with an inbuilt printer and battery to provide a seamless interface. Multiple Wifi KOT printers for multiple Kitchens Free APP to take orders at multiple locations in the Outlet Accepts Customer orders for Home delivery through APP/CHAT/WEB SITE Tracker TAB machines can be linked to a central server for monitoring and management

Key Feature

  • Supports all mobile including Jio and all DTH recharges
  • Offer Checking
  • Recharge / Topup / Activation / Mobile Money
  • Credit Accounts
  • Customer can key in his own number
  • Display Zoom in and Zoom out

Salient Features

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Inbuilt 2 inch thermal printer
  • Inbuilt battery for printer with 8 hour working and 1000 bill printing
  • 5000 items (PLU) , 100 departments , 100 Login Users
  • Item Names and Rates can be loaded through USB Pen drive/Central Server
  • Item can be selected through code or searched through name or selected through image
  • Item name display and print in any language
  • KOT with table merge / table swap
  • 250 tables with 50 unbilled items per table
  • Provision to tag waiter name to bill
  • Bill printing in any language
  • 2 Types of rates per item (Selectable bill wise)
  • 5 percentage tax rates and 1 fixed tax value
  • 5 percentage discount rates and 1 fixed discount value
  • Single tax or item wise tax. Single discount or item wise discount.
  • Service charge can be added to bill (Fixed value or % of bill)
  • Provision to bill free item (Zero rate item)
  • Provision to record incoming and outgoing cash details
  • Rate structure can be reloaded through pen drive
  • Provision to record a reference number (Ex order no) in bills
  • 25 ingredients can be entered for each item
  • 5000 Customer Accounts
  • Registered customers can place order through CHAT / APP / Website for Home delivery
  • Home delivery order received will be printed on the printer


  • Day Report , Item wise Report, Department wise Report, Z report, Cancelled bill report
  • Daily sale for 1 year, Stock Report, Cash in / out Report
  • Opening stock, closing stock with Purchase and Sale report
  • Ingredient Report
  • Account statement for Customer Accounts with transaction and Payments
  • Table report
  • Waiter report and Waiter Commission report
  • Unpaid KOT report
  • Reports can be copied to an USB Pen drive

Fraud prevention

  • Cancelled bill count / report
  • Duplicate bill count
  • Periodic Sale SMS, Cancelled Bill SMS (Advanced option)


  • USB ports can be increased by connecting a USB hub. USB Keyboard / Barcode can be connected


  • Last 50000 bills (Average 10 items per bill)
  • Last 60 days Item wise / Department wise /Day wise report
  • Last 60 days stock purchase and Sale report
  • Last 365 days total sale report
  • Last 2000 stock and Cash transactions
  • Last 2000 account transactions
  • Last 2000 payment transactions