TRACKER MINI is an ideal companion for small and medium retail outlets for billing, accounting and beyond. The basic model with large display, USB pen drive support, weighing machine interface, language printing etc., comes with a host of features that would delight you all the way. Advanced variants have features like SMS alert, larger printer support etc. Designed on a robust platform with Industrial grade components, TRACKER MINI is built for lasting performance. With assured long term support and ease of use, you will find complete value in a compact foot print. *

Key Feature

  • SMS

Salient Features

  • 24 Keys with 10 hot keys
  • Large Graphic display
  • Inbuilt 2 inch thermal printer (Upgradable to 3 inch)
  • Inbuilt batter with 10 hour working and 1000 bill printing
  • 1000 items (PLU) , 100 departments , 10 Login Users
  • Item Names and Rates can be loaded through USB Pen drive
  • Item can be selected through code or searched through name
  • Item name display and print in any language
  • Bill printing in any language
  • 2 Types of rates per item (Selectable bill wise)
  • 5 percentage tax rates and 1 fixed tax value
  • 5 percentage discount rates and 1 fixed discount value
  • Single tax or item wise tax. Single discount or item wise discount.
  • Service charge can be added to bill (Fixed value or percentage of bill)
  • Provision to bill free item (Zero rate item)
  • Provision to record incoming and outgoing cash details
  • Rate structure can be reloaded through pen drive
  • Provision to record a reference number (Ex order no) in bills


  • Day Report , Item wise Report, Department wise Report, Z report, Cancelled bill report
  • Daily sale for 1 year, Stock Report, Cash in / out Report
  • Reports can be copied to an USB Pen drive


  • Last 10000 bills (Average 10 items per bill)
  • Last 60 days Item wise / Department wise /Day wise report
  • Last 365 days total sale report
  • Last 2000 stock and Cash transactions

Fraud Prevention

  • Cancelled bill count / report
  • Duplicate bill count
  • Periodic Sale SMS, Cancelled Bill SMS (Advanced option)


  • Serial Port – To connect Weighing scale
  • USB Port – To connect Pen drive
  • PS/2 Port – To connect external keyboard

Advanced optional features

  • SMS option
  • 3 inch Printer