Tracker Mini

Tracker mini is ideally suited for Fast food outlets, Small retail shops, Petrol pumps for billing, Shift Accounting, Day accounting, Stock Maintenance, Cash Maintenance and more. TRACKER MINI is a low cost device with a host of features like Large Display, Inbuilt battery, USB Pen drive support, PLU search by name etc., TRACKER MINI also provides interface to a weighing scale from where it can automatically load the quantity which makes it an ideal equipment for Vegetable , Meat Sales etc

Billing is one of the prominent process involved in business, it might be either large scale or small scale business. Huge number of calculations needed to be done simultaneously along with business, billing machines serve the purpose to save enormous amount of time.Tracker Mini another product of VERTEX COMSYS also belongs to the category ofElectronic Billing Machine. Itis the modified replica of Tracker Pro, it is basically manufactured for slighter electronic billing purposes. The name itself is self-describing about the product. It serves to acquire quick billing mechanism in small scale level. Generally manufacturers concentrate much on requirement of outsized companies, we at VERTEX COMSYS consider upcoming smaller group of companies too.

Tracker Mini is one such product that meets the needs of marginal companies. It is preferably manufactured for minor business like Fast food outlets, Small retail shops, Billing at Petrol pumps, ShiftAccounting, Day accounting, Stock Maintenance, Cash Maintenanceetc. TRACKERMINI incorporates distinct features like value based sale, mixed mode sale and various others in it.It is a easily operable tool which can store accounts of up to 500 customers .SMS module is an optional feature available for information transactions.

Overall TRACKER MINI facilitates user to modify the product accordingly, the option to format the font with relevant size and colour is also possible. Prolonged battery backup is notable aspect in our product print. UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS pen drive can be used to transfer data from billing machine to other devices. Our machines are not user specific , any candidate with general awareness can handle it smoothly.

TRACKER MINI has special features for use at petrol pumps like Value based Sale and Mixed Mode Sale. Tracker Mini is easy to operator and generates a variety of reports like day report, stock report, item wise report which can be printer on the inbuilt printer or copied to a USB pen drive as an MS-Excel readable file. TRACKER MINI has an optional SMS module to send information to Owner on collection and Customers on purchase