Tracker Pro

Designed for Restaurants and Retail outlets for billing, Shift Accounting, Day accounting, Stock Maintenance, Cash Maintenance and more. TRACKER PRO can operate in stand -alone mode or connected mode. Chain of outlets can be centrally administrated in the connected mode.

Stand Alone Mode

Tracker Pro is easy to operator and generates a variety of reports like day report, stock report, item wise report which can be printer on the inbuilt printer, external printer, copied to a USB pen drive as an MS-Excel readable file.

With the rapid transformations that happened in the arena of science and technology, the present era witnessed the emergence of a lot of devices that changed manual labour into computerized work. Electronic Billing Machine manufactured by Vertex is such a device which is created for making the billing process simple and easy at restaurants and retail outlets. It also helps in shift accounting, day accounting, stock maintenance and cash maintenance. The Electronic Billing Machine introduced by Vertex is known as Tracker Pro.

Tracker pro is greatly used for various businesses such as hotels, petrol pumps, groceries, bakeries and poultries. It aims at high performance and eases your work and helps in automating your business effectively and reliably. It has some attractive and user friendly features which makes it popular among customers. It has an inbuilt memory and it consists of 48 keys with 24 hot keys. Its speciality is that it has a large graphic display or TFT display and an in-built thermal printer which is upgradable into 3 inches. The in-built battery is durable up to 10 hours of working and up to 1000 bill printings. It can be used for 10 login users thereby increasing usability.

When you use this Portable Billing Machine the item names and rates can be loaded through a USB pen drive. The items can be selected through code or they can be searched by names. What adds to the universality and versatility of this product is that you can have the item names and the print out in the language you prefer. It comes with 100 tables with 50 unbilled items in each table and it has the provision to tag waiter name to the bill which is very helpful for the hotel/restaurant industry and it enhances the transparency of the cash dealings between the customer and the entrepreneur.

Connected Mode (GPRS)

In connected mode Sale, Purchase and Cash transactions are automatically transferred to a central Computer through GPRS. The transfer happens in the background without affecting user operations. In case of loss of connectivity data is queued up and pushed to the server when connectivity is restored. PLU management including rate changes can be done from the Server.

A FREE WINDOWS APPLICATION (TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE) is provided to send to and receive data from TRACKER PRO.

TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE (TDE) can read to and write from a database like SQL SERVER/MYSQL.This helps to seamlessly connect the machine to an ERP or Accounting System. TDE also has inbuilt features to generate many reports and can be used as an independent application in the absence ofother ERP or accounting systems.