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METRICS is a comprehensive software package for local cable operators to manage their collections. It has been developed to handle traditional business transactions with the ability to address and adapt to the new requirements of the marketplace. It can run as a standalone product or work with Tracker Plus hand held terminals to provide complete automation. It has inbuilt support for two way GPRS which help customers to get real time data in their systems continuously and field personnel to fetch a customer record.

Key Feature

  • Packaged Solution with Hand Held terminals
  • Channel Wise Charging and Accounting
  • Integration with SMS Gateway and SMS modems
  • Inbuilt Support for receiving data online through GPRS
  • Exhaustive Reports
  • Long term support for Software and Hand held terminals

Salient Features

METRICS receives data directly from hand held terminals through GPRS. There is no payment of annual fee or threat of data falling into wrong hands METRICS is digital ready. Dues are generated for each subscriber based on the package he has selected. Comprehensive reports to monitor collection and outstanding receivables and SMS alert to owner on collections made in the field help users keep track of the business from anywhere. METRICS also has facility to send reminder and confirmation SMS to subscribers.

  • Option to define 3 Levels of Areas
  • Option to define Multiple Customer types
  • Option to define Multiple Charge Types
  • Option to define Multiple TV Channels with Rates
  • Customer charging on flat rate basis, Channel wise or mixed
  • Generate and Edit dues with ease
  • Payment entry through Keyboard
  • Payment Collection through Hand Held terminals
  • Data transfer from and to terminal through offline download
  • Data transfer from and to terminal through Pen drive
  • Data transfer from terminal to Metrics through GPRS
  • Terminal can fetch data from Metrics through GPRS
  • GPRS data transfer is non-blocking. Billing can continue irrespective of data transfer status
  • All pending data transferred when connectivity is established
  • Reminder and Confirmation SMS to customer through Modem or Gateway
  • Send SMS to all customers or selected customers in one go
  • Customer history like rate change, area change etc tracked automatically