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MARS (Mobile Automatic Recharge System) RETAIL for retail outlets automates recharge processes, tracks responses and provides comprehensive reports. With years of experience in providing automation solutions and pioneering work in prepaid recharge market, Gradient Networks brings to you a solution that saves time, reduces cost and increases efficiency. With no frequent replacement of phones, reduced manpower and elimination of revenue leakage, the product pays for itself in a few months. MARS RETAIL consists of a Desktop App running on Windows 7 or higher IP Modems and an optional customer display

Key Feature

  • Supports all mobile including Jio and all DTH recharges
  • Offer Checking
  • Recharge / Topup / Activation / Mobile Money
  • Credit Accounts
  • Customer can key in his own number
  • Display Zoom in and Zoom out

Salient Features

  • GSM Modems are connected through Ethernet
  • Industrial grade modems with long working life
  • Supports 4 to 16 Direct Ports (SIMs)
  • Supports 8 Mapped Ports (DTH)
  • Simultaneous recharge on all SIMs
  • Recharge, Activation, Offer Check Balance Check, Purchase and Bonus tracking can be done
  • 4 different operations supported under recharge
  • Long term support for hardware and software
  • JIO Recharges supported
  • EC, USSD, SMS and API formats supported
  • Facility to check offer and continue recharge
  • Simple User Interface
  • All response SMSs from operators tracked automatically
  • Recharges are grouped as Success and Failure automatically
  • Can track 4 different Balances (Wallets) on each SIM
  • Purchase and Bonus tracked independently for each Wallet
  • User Display to take Customer input on Number and Amount.
  • Customer can enter number and amount on his own or confirm values typed by you
  • Facility to maintain Credit Accounts