Hand Held Terminals-Tracker Plus

Do you find it difficult to capture your outdoor transactions? Won't it be great if you could have a usable application readily available to automate your field activities? We have the exact solution that you have been looking for in the form of…Tracker Plus from VertexComsys This state of the art devise makes Utility Billing, Doorstep Collection and Distribution of Payments, a piece of cake! What’s more, it offers high-energy savings for extended utilities in outdoor scenarios. Applications of this device are possible in various scenarios such as - Tax Collection, Billing in Poultry or Retail, Cable TV Collection, Finance Collection, Distribution, and Electricity/Water Billing. Devices associated with each of these contains features specific to the domain and it is possible to configure the software for multiple functions. Today time is the most expensive commodity! So who is going to stand in the queue for billing? Similarly, companies to find it extremely time consuming and problematic to go from door to door for bill collections. An effective solution is available now for both service providers and their customers in the form of unique Hand Held Terminals Tracker Plus.

Design and functioning - Hand Held Terminals

We have designed this handheld terminal in keeping with the specific requirements of our clients. It functions using radio frequency and offers customization options for different functions like - Billing, Ticketing, Collection, and Distribution. Manual work requires lots of time and effort, which is no longer needed as you can take this portable device anywhere for pygmy collection, cable collection, billing at parking lots, toll gates, and more. We have deliberately kept the prices affordable to ensure that the maximum number of people can benefit from the user-friendly features of the terminal.

What are the main features? - Hand Held Terminals

Field personnel can use password protect to keep the bill collection information safe.It comes with programmable font sizes, clock, PC connectivity through serial port, and simple inbuilt software. Users can download and upload data using their PC devices as and when needed. It is easy to carry around because it is lightweight and the body is made with ABS plastic. Several processes associated with Tracker Plus terminal as report collection, data collection, and rate setting are GPRS enabled and even send SMS periodic alerts to owners as an optional feature. This device also offers multi-language support for printing.


All applications are GPRS enabled. Both machine to Server and Server to machine data transfer are done. The transfer happens in the background without affecting user operations. In case of loss of connectivity data is queued up and pushed to the server when connectivity is restored. Customer information can be fetched from the server

A FREE WINDOWS APPLICATION (TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE) is provided to send and receive data from TRACKER PLUS.

TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE (TDE) can read to and write from a database like SQL SERVER/MYSQL. This helps to seamlessly connect the machine to an ERP or Accounting System. TDE also has inbuilt features to generate many reports and can be used as an independent application in the absence of other ERP or accounting systems.