VERTEX DPU is developed as a complete system that can generate receipts to farmers for the milk collected based on FAT / FAT&SNF / TS and weight along with maintaining the ledger of collections and payments of the members. It can be deployed by Government diaries, Private diaries or independent milk collection centres.

Everyone’s dream is to have a comfortable life in today’s fast paced world and it demands the support of appropriate and user friendly devices that enable us to facilitate day-to- day duties by the possible fastest methods in a simple and accurate way. Automation of daily tasks is the stepping stone of achieving this dream and dairy industry holds an important place in the present markets where customers perform a lot of transactions every day. For making these transactions easy and simple, Vertex introduces a device which is termed as DPU Data Processing Unit.

Vertex is the trusted manufacturer of DPU Data Processing Unit which is manufactured upon analysing and comprehending the gravity of the transactions that takes place in diary industry for making it fully compatible with the customers’ needs and commercial usage. This device has all the sufficient features in-built, which are apt to save the time and energy of the company and it saves the man power of the company. It can generate three types of receipts to farmers for the milk collected based on FAT/ FAT+SNF/TS and weight along with managing the ledger of collections and payments of the members. It is used in government diaries, private diaries and independent milk collection centres.

It can save data up to 500 members with cattle type. Data about rate format and members can be input through USB pen drive in excel format. It has a provision to manage morning and evening date separately and an interface to analyser and weighing scale is also provided. The user display shows member code, fat, quantity of milk and amount in it. Large format reports are supported by external 80 colour printer. It is a much user friendly device and according to the customer’s preference full bill can be printed in any language including member’s name. It can record so many data like the sale of milk and the customer’s records such as loan, cattle feed and other items .It manages and maintains members’ collection, payment and purchase accounts. Its memory enables it to store data in secondary memory and this device can store up to three month’s collection data in flash memory and up to 5 years collection data in SD card.

Interface to Milk Analyzers and Weighing scales.

Interface to receive data from all leading Milk analysers and weighing scales provided. Change of analyser or weighing scale can be done by configuration without changing software


VERTEX DPU is GPRS ready. It can transfer the collection data to a central server. Free software to receive the GPRS data is provided.

User Display

A 28 digit user display to show the FAT, Quantity and Amount to the farmers is provided as an option


Vertex DPU has option of storing data for 3 months in embedded memory or 5 years in SD card.

A FREE WINDOWS APPLICATION (TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE) is provided to send and receive data from DPU & RMRD.

TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE (TDE) can read to and write from a database like SQL ERVER/MYSQL. This helps to seamlessly connect the machine to an ERP or Accounting System. TDE also has inbuilt features to generate many reports and can be used as an independent application in the absence of other ERP or accounting systems.